Season Two: California

A little about the trip

Amazing Locations

From views of the Beach to 7000 ft up! Same Sun Venice Beach, Lake Tahoe, the Cerro Gordo Mountains and so many more beautiful locations. 

Experts in the Field

Well over a hundred years of experience between all the guests sharing their insight about the challenges of starting up and the amazing experience of being a part of the hostel culture.

Unique Stories

A ghost town in the mountains, a brilliant perfectionist in Truckee, Stargazing, Surfing and so much more. It was truly amazing.

Episode One

Cerro Gordo | The Ghosts of Ghost Town

Hostel Cerro Gordo is a real-life Ghost Town that used to mine for all the precious metals that built what is now Los Angeles. Take a listen to the new owners to hear about their vision for the future, their wisdom and gut-splitting senses of humor in the first part of this two part episode. 

Episode Two

Cerro Gordo | Ghost-Town Hostel Continued

Episode Three

Same Sun Venice Beach with Maria

Maria from Same Sun Hostel gives her over 15 years of experience in this very eye opening interview about the ins and outs and the challenges and opportunities we face as hostel owners and entrepreneurs. 

Episode Four

Same Sun Hostel | Venice Beach |The Importance of Good Management.

 Maria gives us more great insight into running a highly successful hostel in one of the larger hostel organizations. 

Episode Five

HI Santa Cruz | Santa Cruz | Surf, Sun and (Luna) Sea

Join us as Devin walks us through the perfect day in Santa Cruz, what brought the first ever hostel into the area and what he does for business in his spare time! 

Episode Six

Tradewinds | San Francisco | The Best Way to Stay Downtown

Listen in with us and the bright, fun and funny Shelby Tucker to learn about the Tradewinds hostel! 

Episode Seven

HI Pigeon Point | Jeff Perry | Lighthouses, Hot Tubs and Stargazing

Join us as we talk with the avid surfer/amateur astronomer/property manager of the HI-Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel.