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Amazing Locations

Studio Recordings at the 2019 American Hostel Conference!

Charming Southern Cities

Hostel within a Forest….Seriously

Experts in the Field

Soak in the soothing sounds of Jimmy Blacks voice while he gets educated by some of the most experienced operators within the industry including Vikki Matthis, Darren Overby, and a legend known as Tom.

Unique Stories

We had the pleasure of spending a night at the Hostel in the Forest before interviewing the founder within his personal Geodesic Dome. Thanks to the staff for an unforgettable night within the deep woods of Georgia. We came in with a crew of three and I departed alone. LOL.


Bon Paul & Sharky's Hostel on Challenges of Expanding. From 1 to 3 Hostels in 5 years

In this episode, Joe Gill, the founder of Bon Paul & Sharky's Hostel shares with us how he got into the hostel industry and the challenges of expanding the initial operation to 3 different location.


An inspiring chat with Author of "Inside an American Hostel

In this episode, Vikki Matsis, the founder and organizer of the American Hostel Conference and the manager of the Notso Hostel shares with us her amazing journey in the hostel industry.

She is the author of Inside An American Hostel, a guidebook for manager and aspiring owners and is a former freelance writer with over 150 publications.


Hostel Modal: South Carolina is finally getting its 2nd Hostel in the entire State!

Hostel Modal, a modern hostel & boutique hotel coming to The Village of West Greenville.


Mark Bloomquist: North American Regional Sales Manager @ Cloudbeds

Newly Minted North American Regional Sales Manager talks about the Special Sauce at Cloudbeds.


Cream City Hostel: After years of struggle, Milwaukee is finally getting a Hostel!

Cream City Hostel is Milwaukee's first hostel! Co-founder Carolyn Weber first dreamed of opening a hostel in 2011. A travel enthusiast, she was inspired by her own positive experiences staying in hostels, and in 2013, she jumped into business planning with both feet with the guidance of Juli Kaufmann. A few years later, fellow community organizer Wendy Mesich joined the team.